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TCTEC Mini Voice Recorder | Voice Activated Recorder | 64GB Magnetic Voice Recorder

TCTEC Mini Voice Recorder | Voice Activated Recorder | 64GB Magnetic Voice Recorder

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  • Introducing our practical and high-quality Voice Recorder, designed to make your daily activities more efficient and productive. This rectangular device measures 6*30*54 mm / 0.23*1.18*2.1 inch, and is equipped with cutting-edge technology in a lightweight and compact model, weighing only 15 grams. You can easily take it with you anywhere you go, whether for work, school, or travel.
  • Our Voice Recorder has been designed to meet the needs of anyone, especially women, who may want to carry it for protection, as it is small and easily fits in your pocket. The device features a large 64GB memory capacity, allowing you to store up to 750 hours of high-quality recording files. Equipped with a high-end 230mAh rechargeable battery, it can record up to 25 hours continuously, which is much longer than what smartphones can offer. You can also record while charging and the device will automatically save your audio files if the battery is low.
  • Operating the Voice Recorder is very simple and user-friendly. To start recording, simply turn the switch "On", and turn "Off" to save. You can also use the "Va" switch to activate the Voice Activation feature, which automatically records if it detects sound within 15 feet of the device, saving your files if no voice is recognized. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted to meet your needs, and the comprehensive user manual makes it easy to use, even for kids and older people.
  • Our Voice Recorder features a magnetic casing that can be easily attached to any metal surface, ensuring that the device stays in place while recording, eliminating noise caused by friction, and ensuring crystal-clear sound quality. The USB function allows you to easily connect the recorder to your computer (Mac/Windows) to retrieve your audio files. Our team offers the best technical support, and you can contact us or submit questions if you need any help while using the recorder.
  • The Voice Recorder makes for a great gift for your loved ones. Its elegant design and high-end materials make it a convenient and practical accessory that will improve their productivity, increase work quality, and be by their side during lectures, meetings, and classes.
  • Invest in our Voice Recorder today and take advantage of its practical features that will enhance your daily activities and improve your overall efficiency.
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Voice Recording Pen

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Keychain Voice Recorder

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Magnetic Voice Recorder

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Love this recorder! So useful!

Tracy Dane

Been looking for a recorder to use at work to help with all the notes I have to take at meetings. I bought this one and completely loved it. It's so convenient to bring it to work to record, and I can use it to write at the same time as well. The battery last me a whole day at work, and you can even playback the recording on the device itself, but it does has an option to copy files to the computer. Love it.

A device for any occasion or need!

Smith Haus

As guessed by the product’s name, it can work like both a keychain and a recorder that you can easily bring along. This device is equipped with a high-speed memory card that can store up to 750 hours of recording files. With a new battery, it will power your recording sessions for up to 15 hours continuously, and it can record while charging as well. Don’t worry if the battery runs low, it will automatically save all files, which is perfect. I have sessions with my psychic that I like to record and listen back on to see what was applicable at the time and what came to fruition later in life. Having them stored is great.

User-friendly operation with only one button. Switch to “On” to start recording, “Off’ to save your file, and “Va” to start Voice Activated function. The device features a 3.5mm audio jack for earphone/headphone output for easy playback, allowing you to use the recorder as a music player. You can play, pause, or fast forward to the time you want and adjust the volume up or down at your comfort.

Good quality, looks good in person.

Nicky Chon

First of all, I love the packaging. It shows how much effort the company put into this product. The materials feel high-end, feel good holding it. It is very easy to use, I don't even need to read the user manual, it's just one switch to turn on and off. All cables included, and you can playback on the device as well. The battery lasts me a whole day of recording at work, and it has a large memory as well. It's very useful if you try to take notes at work or school. So far, I'm satisfied with this product, highly recommended.

Fits nicely in my purse, no noise and no blinking light while recording.

Victoria Stauffer

 I have problems with taking notes, especially in a big class. The professor often talks too fast and I can barely catchup. So I bought a few recorders to try out, and this one worked the best. Other models I found have lights turned on while working, or making noises which is very annoying in a dark classroom. But this one does not. It makes no noise while recording, the light will flash 3 times when you turn on to notify that it's working and then shut off completely. The storage is huge. I have recorded many times but still have 95% of the storage available. Love the playback as well, I can instantly listen back to the audio, or I can connect it to my macbook later at home. Overall, great device and customer service.

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