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TCTEC Privacy Policy


TranCao Ventures LLC ("we" or "TCTEC") places great importance on user privacy and the protection of personal information. When you use our products and services, we may collect and use your relevant information. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, store, share, and transfer this information, as well as how we provide you with access, updates, deletion, and protection of this information. We encourage you to carefully read this policy and ensure that you fully understand its contents before using our products and services. If you have any questions while reading, please contact our customer service for consultation. If you do not agree with any terms in this policy, please stop submitting information.

Before using our products and services, please be sure to read and understand this policy carefully. We use simple language to facilitate your understanding of professional terms involved in this policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or related matters, please email us at or visit our website at

This policy will help you understand the following:

  1. How we collect and use your personal information
  2. How we share, transfer, and publicly disclose your personal information
  3. How we protect and store your personal information
  4. How you can manage your personal information
  5. How we handle children's personal information
  6. How your personal information is transferred globally
  7. Notifications and revisions
  8. How we use cookies and similar technologies
  9. How to contact us

I. How We Collect and Use Your Personal Information

We are committed to protecting the personal information you provide when using our products and services. We follow laws and regulations in collecting, using, storing, and transmitting personal information, adhering to privacy protection principles to protect your information. Personal information includes all kinds of information related to identified or identifiable natural persons recorded by electronic or other means, excluding anonymized information.

Personal information involved in this privacy policy includes:

  • Basic information (including nickname, region, email address, device number)
  • Network identification information (including system account number)
  • Personal Internet records (including login records, page interaction events, page stay length)

Sensitive personal information includes:

  • Personal location information (positioning information)

California Notices

Users who reside in California and have provided Personal Information to TCTEC have the right to receive: (a) information identifying any third party to whom we may have disclosed, within the past year, personal information pertaining to you and your family for that party’s direct marketing purposes; and (b) a description of the categories of personal information disclosed. To obtain such information, please email your request to This request may be made no more than once per calendar year. We reserve the right not to respond to requests submitted other than to the address specified in this paragraph.

We will only collect and use your personal information to complete the business functions of the APP for the following purposes:

(i) Circumstances in which you must authorize us to collect and use your personal information:

Our services include core functions necessary to enable online shopping, improve our services, and secure transactions. We may collect, store, and use the following information about you to perform these functions. If you do not provide such information, you will not be able to take advantage of the services we provide. These functions include:

  1. Functions necessary to achieve after-sales service

    • User registration: When you register, you need to provide us with at least the email address you intend to use. We will verify your identity by sending an email verification code. Your account name is your default nickname, which you may change and add additional information to.
    • Use of the Services: We may collect information about the device from which you use our products and services (including device name, device model, device identifier, operating system and application version, language setting, resolution, service provider network ID) to provide you with the best way to display product information.
    • Purchase of services: When you are ready to purchase and bill for the service you require, an order will be generated containing information about the service, the amount you should pay, and the method of payment.
    • Payment function: You can choose the payment service provided by Google Play or Apple Store. The payment function itself does not collect your personal information, but we need to share your order number and transaction amount information with these payment institutions.
    • Delivery Service Function: When you place an order and complete payment online, our affiliates will complete the delivery of your order.
  2. To provide personalized service and improve service quality:

    • We may collect your order information, browsing information, and your interests for data analysis to form a user profile, which will be used to show you information about activities or services you are interested in.

To enhance your experience with our services, we may collect and use your personal information in the following additional features:

  1. Additional functions based on the camera (camera):
    • We require you to authorize the camera feature on your device to take pictures for page uploads of custom avatars or other image files.
  2. Additional features based on image uploads:
    • We need you to authorize access to your photo album to help you upload pictures for changing your avatar and other purposes.

To ensure the security of the transaction necessary to function:

  • We may collect browsing information, order information, and device information to determine account risk and record links we believe to be risky.

(ii) You are fully aware of the following circumstances in which we may collect and use personal information without your authorized consent:

  1. Related to national security, national defense security
  2. Related to public safety, public health, and significant public interest
  3. Related to crime investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution of judgments
  4. For the purpose of safeguarding personal information subject or other individuals' life, property, and other significant legitimate rights and interests but it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
  5. Necessary to complete a contract or business arrangement
  6. Information disclosed to the public by the subject of the personal information itself
  7. Information collected from legitimate public disclosure channels
  8. Necessary to achieve the functions and services of the product according to your request
  9. Necessary for maintaining the safe and stable operation of the products and services
  10. Other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations.

(iii) Rules for the use of your personal information:

  1. We will use the personal information collected in accordance with this privacy policy to achieve the functions of our products and services.
  2. After collecting your personal information, we will process the data confidentially through technical means. The processed information will not be able to identify the subject.
  3. Please note that all personal information you provide when using our products and services will be continuously licensed to us for the duration of your use of our products and services unless you delete it. When you cancel your account, we will stop using and delete your personal information within a reasonable period of time.
  4. We may compile statistics on the use of our products and services and may share such statistics with the public or third parties to show the overall usage trends of our products and services. However, these statistics do not contain any identifying information about you.
  5. When we want to use your personal information for purposes other than those described in this policy, or when information collected for a specific purpose is used for other purposes, we will seek your prior consent in the form of a checkbox that you initiate.

II. How We Share, Transfer, and Publicly Disclose Your Personal Information

(i) Sharing:

  1. We will not share your personal information with any company, organization, or individual outside of TranCao Ventures LLC, except for the following cases:

    • Obtaining your prior express consent or authorization
    • Provided in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
    • To the extent permitted by law or regulation, as necessary to protect TCTEC, its affiliates, partners, or the public interest, property, or safety from harm
    • Only sharing your information to achieve the core functions of our products and services or to provide the services you need
    • To handle disputes or controversies between you and others
    • To comply with the relevant agreements signed with you
    • Used based on academic research
    • Used in the public interest in accordance with laws and regulations
  2. We may share your personal information with our affiliated parties (including subsidiaries, holding companies, affiliates, advertising agencies). The information shared is subject to the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.

  3. We may share your order information, account information, device information, and location information with third parties such as partners to ensure the smooth completion of the services provided to you. Our partners include:

    • Suppliers of goods or technical services
    • Third-party merchants
    • Partners who engage us to conduct promotions
  4. For companies, organizations, and individuals with whom we share personal information, we will sign strict confidentiality agreements with them.

(ii) Transfer:

We will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization, or individual, except in the following cases:

  1. With your prior express consent or authorization
  2. Provided in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
  3. In accordance with the relevant agreements signed with you
  4. In case of merger, separation, dissolution, bankruptcy, or other reasons that require the transfer of your personal information, we will inform you and require the new company or organization to continue to be bound by this privacy policy.

(iii) Public Disclosure:

We will only publicly disclose your personal information under the following circumstances:

  1. Disclosure of your specified personal information in accordance with your needs and in a manner that you have expressly agreed to disclose
  2. When required to provide your personal information by law, regulation, mandatory administrative enforcement, or judicial requirements.

III. How We Protect and Store Your Personal Information

(i) Our technology and measures to protect your personal information:

  1. Technical measures for data security:

    • We use industry-standard security measures, including reasonable system specifications and security technology, to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.
    • Our network services use transport layer security protocols and other encryption technology to ensure the safety of user data during transmission.
    • We encrypt stored personal information and isolate it through isolation technology. We also use data desensitization techniques to enhance the security of personal information in use.
    • We use strict data access rights control and multiple identity authentication technology to protect personal information.
  2. Other security measures:

    • We manage and regulate the storage and use of personal information through a data classification system, data security management norms, and data security development norms.
    • We strengthen security awareness by holding security and privacy training courses.
    • We only allow employees and partners who have a need to know such information to access personal information and have set up strict access control and monitoring mechanisms for this purpose.
  3. We will take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that no unrelated personal information is collected and will only retain your personal information for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes described in this policy unless an extended retention period is required or permitted by law.

  4. The Internet environment is not 100% secure. We will endeavor to ensure or warrant the security of any information you send to us. If our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards are compromised, we will assume appropriate legal liability.

  5. Security event disposal:

    • If a personal information security incident occurs, we will promptly inform you of the situation and the disposal measures we have taken. We will notify you by email, letter, telephone, push notification, or other reasonable and effective means.

(ii) The preservation of your personal information:

  1. All of your personal information will be stored in the United States of America. If we need to transfer your personal information outside of the United States to complete our business activities, we will follow the relevant national regulations.

  2. Unless otherwise required by laws and regulations, we will keep your personal information until one month after the date of cancellation of your account. We will delete or anonymize your personal information when it exceeds the retention period.

  3. If we terminate our services or operations, we will notify you at least thirty days in advance and will delete or anonymize your personal information after the termination.

IV. How You Manage Your Personal Information

TranCao Ventures LLC takes your concerns about your personal information seriously and makes every effort to protect your rights to access, correct, delete, supplement, and withdraw consent to your personal information. Your rights include:

  1. Access, correct, and supplement your personal information
  2. Delete your personal information
  3. Change the scope of your authorized consent or withdraw your authorization
  4. Cancel your account

(i) Response to your request:

If you are unable to access, correct, or delete your personal information in the manner described above, or if you believe that we have violated laws and regulations regarding the collection or use of personal information, you can contact us through the contact information at the bottom of this policy. We will respond to your request within 30 days after verifying your identity.

(ii) Obtaining a copy of personal information:

You have the right to obtain a copy of your personal information. You can contact us through the contact information provided, and we will verify your identity as necessary and submit a copy of your personal information to you.

V. How We Handle Personal Information of Children

  1. TranCao Ventures LLC takes the protection of children's personal information very seriously, and our products, websites, and services are mainly for adults. Children are not allowed to create their own user accounts without the consent of their parents or guardians.

  2. We will only use or publicly disclose this information as permitted by law, with the express consent of a parent or guardian, or as necessary to protect children.

  3. If we find that we have collected personal information from a child without prior verifiable parental consent, we will seek to delete the relevant data as soon as possible.

VI. How Your Personal Information is Transferred Globally

In principle, the personal information collected and generated by our products will be stored in the United States of America. Because we provide our products or services through resources and servers located around the world, this means that your personal information may be transferred to, or accessed from, jurisdictions outside of the country in which you use the product or service.

VII. Notices and Amendments

  1. This Privacy Policy will be updated to provide you with better services and as TranCao Ventures LLC's business evolves. We will notify you of updates by posting updated versions on our website or by other appropriate means before they become effective.

  2. For material changes, we will provide more prominent notice, explaining the specific changes to the Privacy Policy.

VIII. How We Use Cookies and Similar Technologies

We use "cookies" when you visit our website. Cookies are small text files stored by the network server on a device's hard drive. We may use cookies and similar technologies, such as network beacons, to store user preferences and settings, monitor website performance, and prevent suspicious activities and fraudulent traffic.

IX. How to Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this Privacy Policy or your personal information, you can contact us using the following methods. We will respond within 15 business days.

Contact Us: Email: Website: