Top 5 indispensable tools when doing Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

Top 5 indispensable tools when doing Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

Are you searching for tools to support your Amazon Affiliate plan? Here are 5 Amazon Affiliate support tools you should know to enhance your earnings from link conversion.


Geniuslink is an excellent tool for anyone looking to advertise Amazon products on an international platform.

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Pros: Geniuslink allows you to create smart links that automatically redirect users to the Amazon store in their country. This increases the potential for earnings from Amazon ads for users in different countries.

Cons: However, Geniuslink is not free. You'll need to pay a monthly fee to use this service, so consider this if you're just starting with affiliate activities.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP)

AAWP is a WordPress plugin that optimizes Amazon affiliate links on your website.

Pros: AAWP offers multiple ad templates, automatically updating prices and product information from Amazon. This saves you time and ensures the product information on your site is always up to date.

Cons: This plugin isn't free, and you'll need basic WordPress skills to install and use it effectively.


Kit is a product list creation tool that helps you create and share product lists from Amazon.

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Pros: With Kit, you can create 'kits' containing several different products, helping users find everything they need in one place.

Cons: However, Kit does not offer link optimization features or user activity tracking like some other tools.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a tool that helps you search for and analyze potential products to advertise on Amazon.

Pros: Jungle Scout helps you identify best-selling products on Amazon, helping you choose a sensible product to advertise and earn money. It also provides detailed information about product trends and reviews, helping you understand more about the product you're advertising.

Cons: However, Jungle Scout is not a free tool and requires a substantial monthly fee. You need to consider investing in this tool based on your plan and budget.

WordPress Review Plugins

There are various WordPress Review Plugins that help you add product reviews to your site.

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Pros: These plugins help you add product review features to your website, thereby increasing customer trust and interest in products.

Cons: However, some of these plugins may not be fully compatible with all WordPress themes, and you also need WordPress knowledge to install and use them effectively.

In conclusion, using Amazon Affiliate support tools can help you optimize affiliate activities and increase the potential for earnings from Amazon product ads. Choose the tool that suits your needs and budget for the best results."

Finally, to optimize product advertising and boost earnings from Amazon Affiliate, understanding and knowing how to use the products you're promoting is incredibly important. For instance, TCTEC Mini Voice Recorder - a compact yet high-quality recording device, suitable for various situations and needs.

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By effectively using the affiliate tools we've introduced above, you can easily generate referral links for the TCTEC Mini Voice Recorder, write detailed reviews about it, and assist customers in searching for and comparing products effortlessly. This is how you create value for customers and maximize your income from Amazon Affiliate.

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Remember, tools are just supportive elements, success in Affiliate Marketing requires perseverance, creativity, and constant learning. Best of luck!

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